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I just started this site, so it will take a while to populate all the list. I'll work some each day on it until it's done. Check back often and please refer others to my page.   Thank  you!

Multi-State (serial killer known as Robert Charles Brown)

    Melody Ann Bush 

    Heather Dawn Church

    Katherine Hayes

    Wanda Faye Hudson

    Lisa Lowe                                    BONUS PIC

    Nidia Mendoza

    Faye Aline Self

    Rocio Delpilar Sperry 

Multi-State (serial killer known as Ted Bundy)

    Laura Aime

    Brenda Carol Ball

    Ted Bundy* 

    Carol DaRonch

    Georgeann Hawkins

    Lynda Ann Healy

    Debby Kent

    Joni Lenz

    Donna Manson

    Denise Marie Naslund

    Janice Ott

    Roberta Parks 

    Susan Rancourt

    Melissa Smith

    Nancy Wilcox 

Multi-State (serial killer known as Coral Eugene Watts)

    Jeanne Clyne

    Lilli Marlene Dunn

    Helen Dutcher

    Margaret Fossi

    Emily La Qua

    Edith Anna Ledet

    Michele Maday

    Linda Monteiro

    Elizabeth Montgomery

    Peggy Pochmara

   Elena Semander

    Gloria Steele

    Linda Tilley

    Susan Wolf

    Unknown Victim Name

    Unknown Victim Name

Annapolis (Capital Gazette)

    Gerald Fischman
    Rob Hiaasen
    John McNamara

    Jarrod Ramos*
    Rebecca Smith
    Wendi Winters
Aruba (graduation trip murder)
    Beth Holloway
    Dave Holloway
    Natalee Holloway
    Joran van der Sloot*
Aurora (theater shooting)
Austin (bombing)
    Mark Anthony Conditt*
Benton (high school shooting)
    Bailey Nicole Holt
    Preston Ryan Cope*
Blackburn (VA Polytechnic massacre)
Boise (stabbing refugees)
    Timmy Kinner*
Boulder (JonBenet)
    Burke Ramsey
    JonBenet Ramsey
    Patsy Ramsey
Charleston (church massacre)
    Dylann Roof*
Charlottesville (Antifa vs. KKK)
    Samantha Bloom
    Susan Bro
    Heather Heyer
Cheshire (rape & murder of wife & daughters)
    Jennifer Hawke-Petit
    Hayley Petit
    Michaela Petit
Chula Vista (chainsaw man)
    Alejandro Alvarez
Columbine (high school massacre)
    Cassie Bernall
    Steve Curnow
    Corey DePooter
    Kelly Fleming
    Matt Kechter
    Daniel Mauser
    Daniel Rohrbough
    Coach Dave Sanders
    Rachel Scott
    Isaiah Shoels
    John Tomlin
    Lauren Townsend
    Kyle Velasquez
Cook County, IL (John Wayne Gacy serial killer)
    Tommy Baling
    Matthew Bowman (or Ronan)
    William "Billy" Carroll
    Robert Donnelly
    John Wayne Gacy*
    Robert Gilroy

  Gregory Godzik

Rick Johnston
    William Kindred
    Frank Wayne "Dale" Landingin
    James Mazzara
    John Mowery
    Russell Nelson
    Tim O'Rourke
    Robert Piest
    Jeff Rignall
    Samuel Stapleton

   John Szyc
    David Talsma
D.C. (reporter overdosed in hotel room)
    Robyn Gritz
    Jen Moore
D.C. (Seth Rich shooting)
    Aaron Rich
    Joel Rich
    Mary Rich
    Seth Rich
D.C. (Beltway Sniper)

    Kenneth H. Bridges 

    James L. "Sonny" Buchanan

    Pascal Charlot

    Linda Franklin
    Conrad Johnson

    Laurie Ann Lewis-Rivera

    Lee Boyd Malvo*

    James Martin

    Dean Meyers

    Sarah Ramos

    Premkumar Walekar

    John Allen "Muhammad" Williams*
Doylestown (4 people killed after selling pot)

    Cosmo DiNardo*

    Dean Finocchario

    Tom Meo

     Jimi Tar Patrick

    Mark Sturgis

Fairfield (mom stabbing kids)

    Ina Rogers
Fort Lauderdale (taxi driver shot in head)

    Joseph Nare
Fort Wayne (rape & murder of 8-year old girl)

    John Miller

    April Tinsley
Fountain Hills (mom shoots son re old folks' home)

    Anna Mae Blessing
Highland County, FL (deputy shot)

    Deputy William Gentry
Irving ("Clock Boy" Obama moslem bullshit)

    Ahmed Mohamed

Lafayette (theater shooting)
    Mayci Breaux

    John Russel Houser*

    Jill Johnson
Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay massacre)
Lauderhill (mall shooting)
Lexington Park (Great Mills high school shooting)

Los Angeles (serial killers known as Hillside Strangler)
Los Angeles (Mexican man beaten with bricks on July 4th)
Manhattan (dead woman - Weiner's dumpster)
Menifee (SoCal 13 chained children)
Modesto (Laci/Scott Peterson)
Myrtle Beach (MS-13 fed Brittanee Drexel to gators)
Nashville (Waffle House shooting)
New York City (9/11 terrorist attack)

    Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.

    Garnet "Ace" Bailey

    Mark Bavis

    Todd Beamer

    Ronald Paul Bucca

    Charles "Chic" Burlingame

    William Feehan

    Peter Ganci

    John C. Henwood

    Scott Johnson

    Mary Lou Langley

    Matthew Timothy O'Mahony

    John P. O'Neill

    Barbara Olson

    Laura Rockefeller

    Alexander Robbins Steinman

    Deborah Welsh

New York City (serial killer, Son of Sam)
Norcross (13-year old girl beheaded & granny killed)
Northern California (Zodiac Killer)
Oakland (stabbing "Nia Wilson" on BART)

Ocala (high school shooting)
Oklahoma City (Timothy McVeigh bombing)
Orlando (Pulse night club massacre)
Paris, France (Charlie Hebdo)
Parkland (high school massacre)

    Nikolaus Cruz*

    Lauren Hogg

Parkland (two officers mysteriously die)
    Deputy Fitzsimons
Phoenix (highway sniper shootings)
Phoenix (highway sniper shootings)

Portugal (Madeleine McCann)

    Madeleine McCann
Richmond (reporter & cameraman shooting)

    Vester Lee Flanagan*

    Alison Parker

Sacramento (missing Houghland brothers)

San Bruno (YouTube female shooter)

Sandy Hook (elementary school massacre)
Santa Fe (high school massacre)
    Dimitrios Pagourtzis*
Scottsdale (shootings, incl. JonBenet psych)
South Bend (rape & murder of 16-year old girl)
Sutherland Springs (church massacre)
Syracuse (Michael Rotondo 30-yr old evicted)
Toronto (2 shooting victims in Danforth "rage")
Tucson (Gabby Giffords shooting)
Umpqua (college massacre)
Waco (David Koresh commune vs. FBI)
West Palm Beach (boys lost at sea)
Wichita (serial killer known as BTK)
Yountville (V.A. home shooting)

    Coral Eugene Watts
    Golden State Killer

    Hillside Strangler
    John Wayne Gacy
    Night Stalker
    Robert Charles Brown
    Son of Sam
    Ted Bundy

Sandy Hook, Lafayette theater, Virginia reporter shooting

Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Seth Rich/Waffle House shooter

OKC bombing, Son of Sam, BTK

Parkland, Charlottesville Antifa victim

Santa Fe, TX crying actor, married to Sandy Hook man, Seth Rich


Scott Peterson aka missing Sacramento Houghland brother aka Marc Breaux (Waco)

Seth Rich aka Nashville Waffle House shooter

Ocala school shooter aka Pennsylvania killer of four teens

* Denotes villain in each story.


I'm Rhonda (formerly, "Frog Hair" @raolc on Twitter).  I had tried to use popular social media outlets to provide the public with the information I have been able to uncover.  After locating the Sandy Hook kids in September 2017, it has been a bumpy ride with several periodic quarantines from both Facebook and Twitter.  Today, September 1, 2018, Twitter notified me that my suspended account would not be reopened.  They sent a form letter and never told me what I had tweeted that violated their rules.  Although they provided nothing to support their decision, I think I know why they did it.  They had to . . . or risk my material (which they had been able to control wide-spread disbursement by shadow-banning) from being circulated after they (supposedly) lifted their QFD algorithm settingscoincidentallythe day after I was initially suspended.  Timing is everything, isn't it?

Which brings me to my task at hand of building a website of my very own.  I'm officially taking timing off the table and replacing it with LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

I've learned many notable things in my research.  First, President Trump is right - MSM *is* fake news.  What he hasn't directly told us is that ALL news outlets deliver FAKE NEWS.  It's not just MSM.  I have initially thought some news outlets weren't fake, only to be disappointed when I eventually see them parrot the fake news (sometimes, even worse than CNN).  People have asked me who I like and trust. I'm familiar with and like many, but I really only trust a handful (i.e., Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, Bill Mitchell, and if I think of others, I'll add them later).  The reason for my distrust is (from my perspective) I can tell they're out to continue peddling lies even after I've advised them I've located participants in these propaganda productions.  I haven't really seen that dishonesty from those I've listed; once I let them know it's fake, they will generally drop it.  The reason most keep pushing the propaganda is fairly obvious . . . stories are worth money; simple truths aren't. 

I will not ask you for money via PayPal or any other means.  The information I provide is for a greater good.  These awful lies have cluttered our history books and this is the history our children and grandchildren will learn.  This is the history that will one day sway an unknowing majority of Americans to agree to repeal our 2nd Amendment.  Once our 2nd Amendment is repealed, we will no longer have a Constitution.  We will no longer have a free country.

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